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PPE Drive

We have noticed alarming depletions of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals on the frontlines of care. Without PPE healthcare workers have increased unnecessary exposure to certain diseases, most notably COVID-19 at this time. We aim to keep our preceptors, colleagues, friends, and strangers stay safe while they bear the load of this enormous crisis by collecting PPE from offices with more supply than demand. We have paired with Enterprise Procurement at the University of Saskatchewan for distribution of PPE to facilities in need. We intend to function as an interim PPE supplier until larger organizations increase PPE production, or a larger organization formally launches a PPE collection system.

Please get in touch with your local contact person for further information on how to volunteer.

Contact Information:

Mckinley Smith (Saskatoon Lead) 

Ethan Emslie (Regina Lead)

Sehjal Bhargava (Co-coordinator)

Students Helping HCPs

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented times for humanity. Yet, healthcare providers continue to work, perhaps even harder and longer hours than before to meet the needs of the public. So, students at USask CoM decided to start this initiative to support them during these challenging times. Many healthcare students have signed up to volunteer their time and help fill gaps in childcare, petcare, and run small errands. We have a google form which healthcare providers can fill out specifying what support they require. We then match a single volunteer with a healthcare provider (and their family).

To volunteer your time please fill out this Google Form

For more information contact any of:

Colten Molnar

Sarah White

Alexa McEwen

Sehjal Bhargava

Jessica Froehlich

Tayyaba Bhatti

or email our initiative


The Student-Senior Isolation Prevention Partnership (SSIPP) is an initiative developed at the U of T that has now been expanded to the U of S. This program aims to mitigate social isolation amongst older adults in our Saskatchewan communities, which is especially critical in these heightened times of social distancing due to COVID-19. This program connects medical students with an older adult in the community, who has been referred from their family doctors, to chat over the phone once a week.

Please email the main group email for more information on how to volunteer.

Masooma Bhatti

Maddy Parker

Jessica Froehlic

Kristina Swatzky

Leah Rusnell

Tayyaba Bhatti

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