USUS Sono-Games

University of Saskatchewan Health Science Building Saskatoon

Sono-Games is a fun, creative US competition amongst students! The event will begin at 9:00 am on Saturday, April 15th and go until roughly 2:00 p.m with teams of students competing in Qualifying Rounds to earn a spot in the Finals. This is not your typical scan night and will involve exciting games that apply […]

Earth Week Outdoor Event


Earth week event (part of earth week bingo) - an opportunity for students to spend time outside with classmates, take a mental health break, and meet their daily parks prescription dose

Planetary Health Parks Prescription Lunch talk


An Earth week event ( a part of the earth week bingo) - Brooklyn Rawlyk will be explaining what parks prescription is and its benefits and implications to care providers.

Pathology Career Talk Hosted by DIG


Join DIG for a lunch talk with a pathologist and a pathology resident. This is your opportunity to learn more about the program, the resident experience and life as a pathologist!

Scan Night (Regina): Abdomen and GU Scans

Dilawri Simulation Centre 1440 14 Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The USUS is holding a scan night for students to get involved with hands on ultrasound training to gain knowledge and confident with ultrasound skills.

Intro to Urology Talk


A 1 hr presentation delivered by Dr. Domes and the Urology Interest Group to discuss the field of Urology. Students will provide an overview of the field and why they should consider choosing urology might be right chosen for them. There will also be opportunities to ask any questions they have regarding urology.

SSS Surgery Meet & Greet


This is a night for students to make connections, find shadowing opportunities, and learn more about careers in surgery.

Climate Wise National Initiative


Students from all years and all Canadian Medical schools are invited to participate in a 1-hour virtual event. The event will consist of a 40-minute talk about the impacts of climate on patient care/health using the content from the Climate Wise slides. Both before and after the talk students will be asked to complete a […]

1st Year Mock OSCE

Regina LC and Saskatoon CLRC

Mock OSCE for 1st year med students: a great opportunity to practice your clinical skills before the real thing! Held in both Saskatoon and Regina. Put on by the MESG!